Xylem Silviculture offers diverse services in forest management.  Xylem has ticketed silviculture surveyors on staff (BC and Alberta) and all employees are certified in the Provincial Government Mountain Pine Beetle Survey Courses.


Forest Health Surveys

  • Mountain Pine Beetle
  • Spruce Bark Beetle
  • Lodgepole Pine Beetle
  • Western Balsam Bark Beetle
  • Spruce Budworm
  • Douglas Fir Beetle
  • and others

Vegetation Management Surveys

Silviculture Surveys

  • Free-to-grow
  • Stocking
  • Thinning
  • Establishment
  • Regeneration
  • Performance
  • PSP, TSP Sites


Control / Treatment

  • Mountain Pine Beetle Fall and Burn (heli-assist crews, ground crews, mechanical operations)
  • Mountain Pine Beetle Fall and Peel
  • Pheromone Baiting and Repellent Dispersal

Vegetation Management

  • Treatment Applications
  • Basal Bark Treatment

Tree Planting

Enhancement and Restoration

Environmental Management


Manual Stand Tending

  • Commercial Thinning
  • Spacing
  • Brushing
  • Pesticide Application

Operational Planning

  • Cut Block Layout

Fire Mitigation

  • Fire Hazard Reduction
  • Prescriptions & Implementations
  • FireSmart Program Development
  • Danger Tree Removal
  • Salvage Operations


  • Cone Picking
  • Slash Pile Burning