safety and training

Xylem is committed to safety! In May 2008, Xylem Silviculture was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for their outstanding safety program and accident-free record!

Xylem has an in-depth developmental training and safety program and management is very dedicated to safe working practices and providing a healthy working environment for all employees. Management believes that training is the key component to a safe work environment, and staff training is provided at all levels. An injury-free workplace is important and we intend on keeping our safety records clean through constant evaluations and training.

Management arranges ongoing internal evaluations and both internal and external safety audits to ensure industry safety standards are not just being met, but surpassed. Emergency Response Plans are created for each job, drills are performed, and all staff members are trained and aware of policies and procedures.

Xylem adheres to the Occupational Health and Safety Act and follows the guidelines and policies outlined. Xylem complies with W.C.B.'s standards and regulations and is a member of the W.C.B. recognized Partners in Injury Reduction program. Xylem's BC division is a member of Worksafe BC and the BC Forest Safety Council.

All employees are expected to report all hazards, injuries, and unsafe working practices and to make recommendations and suggestions as to how safety can be improved upon. Mandatory safety meetings are conducted daily before staff heads out to the field.

Field Staff Safety Certifications:

  • At minimum, field staff is trained and certified in the following:
  • Workplace Hazardous Material Information Systems (WHMIS)
  • Standard First Aid (St. John's Ambulance)
  • Bear Awareness
  • ATV/Snowmobile Safety
  • Avalanche Awareness Training
  • S-100 Fire Suppression (BC division)

Management Certifications:

  • Management team members are additionally certified in the following:
  • Industry Level Avalanche 1 (Canadian Avalanche Association)
  • Recreational Avalanche Course (Canadian Avalanche Association)
  • Certified Pesticide Applicator License
  • Chainsaw Safety Training
  • Occupational First Aid (Level III)
  • Class 4 Drivers License